Master Planning

Bubble drawing used to plan a building layout. For a school district, Master Planning is an imperative step in figuring out how to prioritize necessary projects and allocate funds. KMA has extensive experience in Master Planning with school districts. The Master Planning process begins with KMA and our consultants evaluating all of the district’s existing buildings for general condition, seismic structure, life cycle, building systems – including mechanical and electrical, and other necessary aspects of the building. From this acquired research, KMA works with the District to categorize and rate each building according to need of repair or replacement. Once the buildings have been rated, KMA presents this information to the school board and/or master plan committee to establish a timeline of construction for the projects needed most. This timeline prioritizes the projects, allows for execution of a plan for funding and possible bonding; it prioritizes for curriculum, population growth, etc. Once the master plan timeline is put into place, the district will have an informed direction with how to manage their upcoming projects for the next ten years and beyond, and can prepare in advance for the design, construction, and final occupancy of the projects. Contact KMA for a quote regarding your district's master plan.